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ATSC Mobile DTV Systems

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Mobile TV technology allows broadcasters to entertain, educate and inform viewers wherever they are. ATSC M/H is the mobile/handheld technology standard developed by the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee).

Axcera's ATSC Mobile DTV solution consists of an ATSC Mobile DTV Pre-processor/Multiplexer to combine main service and mobile content into a single transport stream feeding an ATSC broadcast transmitter. ATSC Mobile DTV service can be broadcast from a single transmitter, but to improve coverage to handheld devices and for in-building signal penetration it is advantageous to broadcast from multiple transmitters configured in a Distributed Transmission System (DTS). Axcera is an industry leader in mobile TV transmission solutions and a pioneer in Distributed Transmission Systems.
ATSC Mobile DTV (ATSC M/H) System Block Diagram

ATSC Mobile DTV System Diagram
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